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Auto Glass

We offer auto glass repair and replacement for all types of domestic and foreign makes and models.
Binswanger Glass offers the most efficient auto glass replacement service in the industry. Our trained professionals use only the finest quality glass and materials along with state-of-the-art installation techniques that guarantee the original structural integrity of the vehicle.

  • Windshields

    When a windshield suffers damage, it is not always necessary to replace it. Binswanger customer service representatives are trained to determine if you simply need a repair, such as a small rock chip which is not in the driver's field of vision, or total replacement if the damage is more significant.

  • Side and back glass

    Foreign or Domestic, new or old, Binswanger technicians can expertly replace most any glass on your vehicle using state-of-the-art materials and installation. Schedule in-shop or mobile service by calling 800-365-9922.

  • Sunroofs

    Whether its a pop-up, spoiler, inbuilt or any other type of sunroof glass, Binswanger technicians can expertly replace it. We know the value of an enjoyable ride, so we treat sunroofs with the same quality, care, and expertise as we do glass.

  • Rear sliding windows

    Binswanger Glass can also replace the rear-sliding windows most commonly found on pick-up trucks. We install these moving window parts as expertly as we install windshields. The size of the window doesn't matter – it's the quality of glass we use, and the extensive experience we have in assuring the safest installation possible.

  • Side and rear view mirrors

    Drivers benefit greatly from the use of side-view mirrors. If the mirrors are poor quality, or have been incorrectly installed, there can be serious consequences on the road. You don't have to worry when you use Binswanger Glass. We have the best products available on the market, and all our installers are certified and know how to install for maximum safety.

  • RV Glass

    Although recreational vehicles have unique windows and large windshields, these differences aren't even remotely a challenge to the experienced glaziers at Binswanger Glass. So rely on us for the windows you'll use to view the world on your travels.

  • In Shop or Mobile Service at NO EXTRA CHARGE replacement

    Binswanger Glass understands that as life seems to move ever faster, scheduling is trickier than before. In order to accommodate our customers in this rapid pace, we offer mobile repair service. Any one of our extensive fleet of mobile repair and replacement vehicles is available for service at your home, your office, or virtually any other location – at no additional cost.

  • Billing to your insurance company

    Whether you need rock chip repair or a whole new windshield, Binswanger will file the insurance claim for you. As drivers ourselves, we understand – the last thing you want to have to deal with is a pile of paperwork and any number of insurance adjustors. You can relax with Binswanger Glass. It’s yet another reason we are the industry leader, not just in glass, but also customer service.

Binswanger's commitment to quality products and customer service for all types of automotive glass installation and replacement is available with a single telephone call to the company's National Call Center at 1-800-365-9922.

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